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In the event the Club Penguin Wiki Network goes up, it can be found at

Welcome to Club Penguin Archives

Mirror of a the Club Penguin Wiki Network wiki.

Since December 12, 2010, we have archived 47,250 Club Penguin files.

Welcome! About Us
Club Penguin Archives is a site dedicated to preserving Club Penguin's history by archiving the files that made up the game since December 12, 2010. This site is a part of the Club Penguin Wiki Network.

If you use files stored here for your Club Penguin cutouts, private servers, fan sites/blogs, or anything else, we'd really appreciate it if you could put a link to us on your site or post.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the site always down?

The Club Penguin Wiki Network servers are known to be unstable and frequently go down for unknown reasons. Our attempts at contacting any of the Network's tech staff have been unsuccessful and thus the only option we're left with is to wait until the site comes back up again.

2. Is there a compressed .ZIP download (or equivalent) of every Club Penguin file on this site?

Unfortunately, such a feature does not currently exist at this time.

3. A file is missing from a page! Can you please upload it?

That is a lot easier said than done. While it is true some files are absent from pages entirely, generally if a file is missing from a page, it was not uploaded at all. Be sure to also check for the file on, a mirror of Club Penguin's media database as it was prior to its closure. If a file really is missing, please add {{NeedSWFs}} to the top of the page and specify which one using the template parameters.

4. I keep getting an “Internal Server Error” while browsing the site. Why is this happening?

As mentioned earlier in question 1, the Club Penguin Wiki Network servers are unstable. Sometimes even when the site is up, it will spontaneously hiccup for a few moments and it will hopefully return to normal upon refreshing.

5. I keep getting an “Internal Server Error” when trying to upload files to Archives. Why is this happening?

This is an issue that occasionally pops up when trying to upload files to the database. An easy workaround for this situation is to upload the file from a Source URL, an option that can be found below “Source filename” on the upload page. If that is not possible, another possible (but not guaranteed) workaround is to change the “Destination filename” to something different.

6. Is there a Club Penguin Archives Discord?

There is no official Discord server for Archives at this time.

7. Does Club Penguin Archives host custom files from Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS)?

Archives is only intended to host files from the official Club Penguin game. It's possible that every so often a fan-made file is passed off as an official one, though ideally this should not happen. There is also not any consideration on this becoming a possibility in the future.

8. Can I help contribute to Club Penguin Archives?

Yes, Club Penguin Archives is a wiki that is made up by its volunteers. You can start out by creating a Club Penguin Wiki Network account and help out by editing existing articles and checking the to-do list. If you believe you are in possession of genuine Club Penguin files that aren't on Archives yet and wish to upload them, you may request uploader permissions here!